what happens when you mix an antique store with a taco stand?  you guessed it, antique taco.  while this place is sparingly an antique store (mostly curios, mason jars and cookbooks) it is far from being a taco stand!  this is a full-fledged dining establishment turning out beautiful and tasty food in a fast-casual environment that's cosy and comfortable.  every thing we ordered we would return to eat again and again.  the horchata shake rivals irazu's oatmeal shake (both are fantastic).  the chili cheese curds are like the best chili cheese fries you've ever had, but better (fried cheese instead of fried potatoes).  the tacos are fresh and tasty and worthy of the high praise they've received all over town.  get thee to wicker park and fill your belly with tacos!

1360 North Milwaukee, Chicago

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