neither of these cousins has been to costa rica.  if the food there is half as good as irazu, ummm, hello, affordable moving?!  based upon the recommendation of a trusted "fryer" we headed there, ate well and will return soon.  it's like mexican food, but not.  burritos, tacos, sandwiches?  yes, but with slightly different ingredients or spices.  we started with chifrijo, which is sort of pico de galo with black beans, avocado and fried pork (not salsa, not guacamole and fantastic).  then an "authentic" costa rican breakfast of eggs, plantains and rice mixed with black beans.  solid.  finally, the hands-down favorite combo that these cousins have experienced in a loooong time - a milanesa sandwich with an oatmeal shake!  the sandwich is breaded steak with lettuce, tomato, avocado, mayo and lizano sauce.  we added cheese and peppers and weren't disappointed.  oh, to have the opportunity to take the first bite of this sandwich again.  speechless.  now, the shake.  if it wasn't recommended we wouldn't have had it but, trust us, have it!  PURA VIDA!

1865 North Milwaukee, Chicago

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  1. Love the four paper bags that are trying to contain the juices inside. Just a hint of what's awaiting a hungry diner! Nice pics!

  2. We used to live off the Western blue line stop and would pick up dinner from here more often than I'd like to admit!

    1. we are both jealous and sad for you at the same time!