while there are many reasons to like milt's (kosher) bbq the first two for these cousins (in no particular order) are: 1, milt's is non-profit as it donates all profits to the jeff kahan memorial fund in order to support the local community; and, 2, the food is great!  really, seriously great.  we had the half chopped, half sliced brisket sandwich with three bbq sauces and fries.  great.  we looked at but weren't allowed to eat the beef ribs.  they only serve them at dinner so while these look cooked they aren't finished (they take over seven hours to prepare!).  think peking duck - order in advance or they may run out before you get there.  the show stopper though at this lunch was the milt burger - char-burger topped with chopped brisket, chili, beef bacon (no pork), crispy onions and bbq aioli.  can we get an amen?!  go here because the food will make you feel good and supporting milt's mission will help you do good.

3411 North Broadway, Chicago

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