the limited space that we devote to our thoughts on a place can not do justice to the story behind marie's pizza & liquor.  in short, this third-generation liquor store and restaurant is in its 72nd year of operation and doesn't appear to be slowing down anytime soon!  it is a truly american immigrant story full of success, failure, trials and tribulations, and loss.  today, marie's is run by the affable granddaughter of its founder who, after her own career that spans hollywood, broadway and las vegas (and includes modeling and stunt car driving!) works diligently to maintain her family's legacy and traditions.  that isn't to say that marie's (named after her grandmother) hasn't evolved.

from its annual classic car show to it new year's eve extravaganza to live music thursday-saturday nights, marie's continues to give its customers reasons to return.  the environment is old-school, the pizza is terrific and made in the front window (by a gentleman that's done it for more than 30 years) and the service is warm and friendly.  don't forget there is also a complete liquor store attached to the restaurant.  so, pick out some wine, eat some food and take any leftovers home - including the wine in a marie's wine-doggy bag!

4127 West Lawrence, Chicago

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