we said we wanted to go back.  we said we wanted the chicken parm sandwich and lasagna bolognese.  so, even though one cousin was in bed all week and looked quite peekish, we went back.  and, to this cousin's pleasure, the sick cousin's appetite wasn't so good.  we had a chicken parm sandwich, lasagna bolognese, the porchino (a sister sandwich to the crescentina we ate last time only the porchetta is chopped and rendered) AND a spicy pane ripiene (italian sausage with peppers and mozzarella baked in foccacia dough).  stuffed is an understatement!  go with an appetite and enjoy both the food and the staff - as they are as warm and friendly as any we've met.  next time we are saving room for dessert as the cookies look great too!

1303 South Michigan, Chicago

Panozzo's Italian Market. on Urbanspoon

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  1. Do you think you can have this for breakfast? What a way to start my day. Thanks.

    1. they open at 10am. so, if that's not too late for breakfast...

  2. Why do I open these right before lunch? There goes my diet. Thanks for these pics....great stuff!