apple's slogan is "think different."  the NBA is "where amazing happens."  if it were up to robert adams sr. the bbq slogan would be "got wood?"  born in the south, raised on a farm and taught to cook by his grandmother, this is the man to listen to!  according to mr. adams, most bbq today is cooked on gas and isn't true bbq.  cooking over wood, low and slow, is what bbq is all about.  and it isn't easy!  you can't walk away, you must constantly "feel" if the temperature is too hot (if so, in comes the hose!) and you must have patience.  (watching john wayne movies while you tend fire seems to help.)  all of this adds up to food worth experiencing.  great sauce with a hint of heat, ribs are juicy and the meat stays on the bone when you bite, hotlinks are hot and a couple slices of white bread come with every order.  what more do you need?  fries are pretty tasty too sitting below the ribtips and hotlinks soaking up bbq sauce and juices.  can we get an amen!?

three generations of the family work in the restaurant and mr. adams couldn't be nicer and happier to talk about bbq.  it isn't his work, it's his passion.  also, they cook over wood a couple times a day so anytime is a good time for honey 1 bbq!

2241 North Western, Chicago

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  1. Jenny Hudson? Indeed! So much for weight watchers! Love the wonder bread--you can SEE how soft it is. Yum!