in honor of our four month anniversary we decided it would be nice to re-post our inaugural post - BIG & LITTLE'S.  for those that saw it this should be a reminder to go (if you haven't already).  for those that didn't see it, GO!  this place is awesome.

what do you get when two guys (childhood best friends) who never cooked in the food industry in any formal capacity decide to open a restaurant? you get big & little's, proof that passion for cooking goes a long way toward creating great food!  from fish and chips to fried burgers (possibly the best burger that either of these cousins has ever eaten and we've eaten a plenty) to foie gras and fries to fried this and fried that (they do have grilled tilapia so not everything is fried).  great staff, simple interior and cash only.  a must-add to your dining rotation.

860 North Orleans, Chicago
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Love to hear what you think!