on july 4, 1776, the second continental congress approved the declaration of independence in philadelphia, pa.  in honor of this upcoming spectacular day, these cousins debated, discussed, amended and, with a 2-0 vote,  approve the philidelphia cheesesteaks at monti's!  it is surprising in a city of our fair city's size that there aren't more places that get this sandwich right.  rest assured, monti's does.  it figures it takes a husband/wife team of philly natives with restaurant pedigrees to get it done.  not only that, they fly in their rolls and tasteycakes every week from philly!  with onions, without onions, extra cheese, whatever, monti's will do it how you want it and you don't need to be scared when ordering.  gotta love the city of brotherly love!  the roast pork grinder also deserves mention as do the daily soups.  ice cream sandwich sunday is really good if you still have room.  of course, we found some.  only disappointment - 12" sub is the largest they have!

4757 North Talman, Chicago

Love to hear what you think!


  1. Society Hill Salad is my favorite:)

  2. I live so close to this place but the outside is so "uninviting". I guess sometimes you have to "look inside" for greatness. Or for a
    Philly Steak sandwich..

    1. so true! definitely go there and have the cheesesteak!