some "friers" (as our followers are affectionately known) have asked when we plan to visit any of chicago's growing number of food trucks. well, hopefully this post will satisfy their and your mobile food fetish needs!  last weekend, the institute for justice hosted "my streets, my eats - a mobile food symposium & meet up" at the university of chicago. the event invited panelists, aspiring food truck owners and passionate foodies to discuss the mobile food industry, its history and the laws preventing chicago from having as vibrant a street food scene as New York, Austin or Los Angeles. after a morning of panels, everyone gathered in the parking lot where more than a dozen food trucks served up lunch. while the panels were fascinating, we know what our followers want, so on with the food (truck) porn!

links to food trucks at the meet up:
brown bag lunch truck                                         
duck n roll     

also, please check out these people and organizations working to promote the mobile food industry: the street vendor projectassociation vendedores ambulantesheather shouse.


Love to hear what you think!


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    1. it was a mobile food symposium held at the university of chicago.

  2. I keep flipping between 23 and 24 and it looks like a movie! Gotta stop viewing these great slideshows BEFORE lunch--makes me want to run outside.

    1. haha. imagine how hungry we get shooting, editing, reviewing, etc., etc., etc! we should all go outside and run!