so, the same guys that own phil's last stand happen to own a metalhead, bar/burger joint around the corner.  go figure.  considering how much we love phil's (most hits of any post to date!), visiting lockdown was a no-brainer.  first and foremost, lockdown is a bar that always plays rock music and videos.  always.  second, they happen to serve some mighty good food!  we tried many things on our visit as the food just kept coming (thank you david, PJ & sol)!  from a spicy cheese dip with chips to chicken wings to onion rings to salad (yes, a salad) to chicken sandwich to burgers.  serious burgers.  "the warden" stuffed with cheddar and topped with fried leeks, shallots and truffle oil; "the fat elvis" topped with bacon, bananas and peanut butter (really and it's good!);  and the "flight risk" of three mini burgers - buffalo, portobello and bbq.  wow, almost had another coronary just writing this!  all worth trying.  western avenue has some great food going on so check this place out if you are in the 'hood.

1024 North Western, Chicago

Love to hear what you think!


  1. I like the captions!

  2. Ruining the picture like Fat Phil is doing is called a photobomb! Great shots of Lockdown. They should get a copy of the logo photo at the beginning of the slideshow.

  3. banana, bacon, peanut butter? is it good? the leek burger looks fantastic! also, image number five. love that one.

    1. it is really, really, really good! we were shocked and thrilled!