clark street, part two.  while easy to pass by or write off as not worth visiting, cafe luigi deserves a second glance.  pizza-by-the-slice just doesn't happen in chicago the way it does in nyc.  why is that?  if you know, let us know as we wish it did.  anyway, the pizza at cafe luigi is a fair representation of that style of eating.  it isn't chicago-style and it isn't the best pizza you've ever had.  what it is, though, is a really good slice, served up by nice people, at a great price.  we also had the new york roll (basically a calzone) with pepperoni, sausage and mozzarella baked in dough with a side of marinara. mighty tasty and filling!  more from this culinary-endowed stretch of clark street to come...

(note from the cousins:  we expected this post to cover more than just cafe luigi.  unfortunately for you, but fortunately for us, as we rolled ourselves from the pizza and calzone, we just couldn't do another shoot.  more next week as the clark street saga continues.)

2548 North Clark, Chicago

Love to hear what you think!


  1. How can you be cruel enough to send this to me on Passover?!? Not nice! But great pics!

  2. The best calzone :)