a close friend of the cousins recommended del seoul, a korean street bbq restaurant, after he tried their shrimp taco and went back for it four days in a row!  will he steer us wrong this time?  highly unlikely as those are his cheeks swallowing the atomica in the cemitas puebla post (another recommendation of his)!  korean bbq tacos - sesame-chili shrimp in particular.  korean ribeye steak "banh mi" sandwich with pickled daikon and carrots.  kimchi fries with pork belly and melted cheese.  the interior is unassuming but the food is over-the-top delicious.  more from this culinary-endowed stretch of clark street to come...

2568 North Clark, Chicago
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Love to hear what you think!


  1. Koran is not to my taste, but I can't help but stare in amazement at the art you create from food. The pics are so vivid, colorful and gorgeous....I could eat it all (except cat, which may be urban legend anyway). Well done Cousins!

    1. the koran isn't our taste either but we try to be ecumenical in our food choices! the food is terrific so worth trying even if it isn't your taste.

      thank you so much for the photography comment. we try to capture, as best we can, the food we are eating and reading your comments makes it worth it!

    2. I meant Korean, not Koran!