if you find yourself in pilsen and you're not looking for queso fondido or enchiladas (if so, we're not sure why you're in pilsen) consider stopping by take me out.  opened three years ago by the same family that owns great sea chinese restaurant, take me out has transitioned from a full-service chinese restaurant to serving what the neighborhood apparently wants - chicken wings!  while our name is fourfried today these cousins only had room for threefried!  one order of little hotties, one order of buffalo hotties and one order of shrimp hotties.  little hotties are like a chicken wing popsicle; buffalo hotties are the same flavor as little hotties (sweet & spicy) but bone-in, the traditional way; shrimp hotties are the same flavor but shrimp instead of chicken.  be careful though if you order a lot a food as friendly, elderly ladies may stop by your table and ask to taste something they haven't tried!  (probably not the only reason she stopped by!)

1502 West 18th, Chicago

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