some stories you just have to love. guy works in restaurant business for more than 20 years, takes a year off to try all sorts of food around the city, opens his own restaurant.  jump to 11 years later and we are at angela's, still owned and operated by that guy.  as usual there is more to the story.  this one includes fund raisers for his son with MS, his son losing the fight in 2010, his wife passing on, his brother moving in with him, etc.  oh yeah, his brother.  he started working at the ritz-carlton hotel in 1979 and is still there, has worked for, worked with and knows three generations of these cousins' family!  small world!

besides the sentimental reasons to love this place the food is great too.  try the california burrito.  created here, only served here, and likely you will eat it before leaving here.  small, BYOB and open until 5am on saturday nights.  forget wiener circle at 2am.  for that matter, forget weiner cirle!

2556 North Clark, Chicago

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  1. What a sad/happy story. Please say hi to the brother for me. The close in close ups are filled with textures, color and design which make them abstract rather than figurative. Most creative!
    xxxooo momma, of course