well, antique taco really.  you have to love a restaurant that is willing to put aside what it does on a regular basis (and does quite well) in order to have some fun with its customers on halloween!  zack, kelly, slater, screech and jesse were all present and having fun.  while not their every-day menu the food was great!  we hear they've made additions to the "real" menu since our last post so we will have to return (poor us).  if you've been before you need to go again and try the new items.  if you haven't been, really, what's wrong with you?!

ashley & rick - these cousins are already looking forward to next year's halloween!  mrs. lovett's empanada shop perhaps?

1360 North Milwaukee, Chicago

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Love to hear what you think!


  1. I love their chips and guac... the rest is: Yuuumm!!

  2. Love the kitch of halloween. Great pics!