in philly, it's pat's v. geno's for cheese steaks.  in minnesota, it's 5-8 club v. matt's for juicy lucies.  in chicago it's the less-publicized but no less fierce rivalry of jim's original v. express grill for polish sausage and pork chop sandwich supremacy!  this week we visited jim's original and, if this rivalry is for real, we can't wait to visit express grill because jim's is pretty damn good!  you've driven by them many times (they sit side-by-side) heading south on the dan ryan but never stopped.  well, you should.  foot traffic is steady, the grill is crowded with sausage and chops and fries are free with all sandwiches!  we had the two top contenders in this fight - polish sausage with mustard and grilled onions and the on-the-bone pork chop sandwich with mustard and grilled onions.  at first we were concerned as there aren't any seats, just a counter.  fortunately once the food arrived our concerns disappeared, as did our food!

tell us what you think - original jim's or express grill?!


1250 South Union, Chicago

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Love to hear what you think!


  1. yum! i love a polish with onions! havent had one in years but now i want one, dammit.

    1. yes sister! start walking now and you can have one for lunch!