like last week's post, there is much discussion and debate about who serves chicagoland's best italian beef.  well, these cousin's grew up on al's italian beef on taylor street and we agree with al that it is #1!  there's a reason al's has been around since 1938.  order the combo.  unlike mcdonald's, a combo doesn't mean the sandwich comes with fries and a coke.  at al's a combo is italian beef AND italian sausage on one roll.  don't forget to super-size ("big" in al's speak).  we prefer the hot peppers but both hot and sweet are great additions.  complete awesomeness!  you can't go wrong with them separately either.    don't forget to "lean" when eating as theses sandwiches are juicy!

while anytime is a great time to go to al's, summer is especially good as mario's italian lemonade stand is across the street and open from may to september (since 1954).  a cool, refreshing slightly sour lemon ice (other flavors and treats too) is a great way to finish any meal!

1079 West Taylor, Chicago
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Love to hear what you think!


  1. I agree, Al's is the best and nothing finishes the meal like Mario's italian ice
    on a hot summer day! Love all your "Fourfried Visits!"