every now and then you should experience a meal that scares you.  not the meal itself necessarily but the safety of the location and whether or not the other clientele will harm you!  with one cousin out of the country this cousin decided to try a sandwich we've read about for years.  like herman melville's captain ahab this cousin went hunting for the gym (jim) shoe sandwich.  gyro, roast beef & corned beef with lettuce, cheese, giardiniera, tzatziki, mayo and mustard.  the one i found was at sony's submarine.  no seats, bullet-proof glass and not much else.  believe me when i tell you, this sandwich is worth the risk!  after this experience this cousin is thankful for two things: 1, that this place isn't around the corner because i'd eat one every day and, 2, that my cousin wasn't with me - didn't have to share!

5124 West Chicago, Chicago

ps - this is the only review on yelp:

"My friend recommended we go here for a late night snack.  I will never be going to this place again!!!! It was in the middle of the hood-some little bad ass kids was running in the place trying to sell these nasty looking cookies in sandwich bags.  Some lady came in the place loud and cursing, while another group of people thought it would be okay to smoke a joint while they waited for their food.  The people that were up in this place were just plain ghetto. I got chicken tenders-which were okay.  But we also wanted an order of catfish and they were out of catfish, so we ordered the perch and it was beyond horrible. I am going to stop here b/c I could go on about my short experience waiting on my food at this place. "

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