both cousins stumbled upon this place within a week of each other so we had to try it.  located on a vacant/nondescript section of chicago ave in humboldt/garfield park (yes, those are chickens running around on the lot next door), feed is definitely worth noticing!  part diner, part mexican, part soul food and part down-home southern cooking.  we had lunch and we hear people rave about brunch.  there is clearly a "chicken" theme to this place (and the chicken is really good) but try the fried catfish sandwich!  the burger looks mighty tasty too.  oh, and don't get us started regarding the banana pudding...

2803 West Chicago, Chicago

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Love to hear what you think!


  1. Being "off" french fries for 2013, this was a difficult one to view! But nice shots!

    1. even harder if you were there! they were gooooooood.

  2. DELISH!! Yes! the French fries were popping out at at me too.xxxxx