savory or sweet, hoosier mama has the pie for you!  every day (except mondays) they have 10 sweet pies (from apple to chocolate cream to lemon meringue) plus quiches and savory pies - like their chicken pot pie (no confusing this with swanson's!).  try the hoosier sugar cream pie.  it is dense and tastes like caramel fudge!  they also have fresh baked muffins and scones every morning.  you can purchase whole pies or just a slice.  either way is fine with them, but you may need to get there early to get what you want.  once they are out of a pie that day, they are out of that pie for that day!    limited seating so feel free to stop in and take your pie with you!

1618 1/2 West Chicago, Chicago

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  1. Just a little taste of everything!!! Love all of the photos but especially the texture of the chocolate cream pie.

    xxxxx mk