whatever the alcala family is selling, these cousins are buying!  while in west town to shoot food, we decided to venture into alcala's western wear.  neither of us had been in over 20 years and, knowing what an institution this place is, had to stop in.  ok, we've been in friendly places before, but this place takes the cake.  after spending an hour speaking (and sharing longaniza sausage from uncle mike's place) with richard alcala (2nd generation), eileen alcala (3rd generation), elia (best cashier in chicagoland) and enrique (hat man extraordinaire) we not only learned about how to properly shape and store a cowboy hat but also where to get the best filipino breakfast, fish taco, chinese food and/or sushi in the neighborhood!  we had a great time at alcala's and hope you check out this local treasure that's been selling western wear for three generations and more than 40 years!

1733 West Chicago, Chicago

Love to hear what you think!


  1. Loyal Alcala's customer since 1990 :)

  2. I still have my first pair of Alcala boots Fabulous night shot! Great to see stuff that could have been food turned into boots.

  3. Fantastic foray into non-food establishments! The dusk exterior shots are gorgeous and I can practically smell the leather in the store. Well done!