after a two-year hiatus, de cero is serving lunch again!  the menu has been re-styled to provide a quick, reasonably-priced experience and is muy bueno.  all appetizers (entradas) one price, all tacos one price, all tamales one price, all desserts (postres) one price.  all served muy rĂ¡pidamente.  guacamole with chips - a standard that doesn't disappoint.  nachos with duck confit and bacon-mashed pinto beans.  uh, yum.  many, many tacos (16 total) to choose from including: tres queso, chicken mole, applewood bacon chorizo sausage, al pastor, panco-crusted tilapia, etc., etc., etc.  and, if possible, leave room for dessert!  mexican cheesecake with cinnamon, apples and coconut caramel?  need we say more?  this cheesecake is a don't miss! (even if you can only eat two bites, which is several less than these cousins!)

814 West Randolph, Chicago

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  1. That Tecate looks good enough to eat.

  2. Just curious but what is more of a passion - taking great photos of the food or eating the food that is photographed?

    1. never been asked that before. for this cousin, the photos are the passion and the food is a wonderful benefit of its pursuit. other cousin will have to speak for himself. thanks for asking!

    2. I can't think of a time in my life when I didn't have a passion for both photography and food. well, addiction may be more appropriate for one of those. thanks for following!