the cousins don't only eat lunch, we like breakfast too!  located in lakeview, bakin' & eggs is a breakfast, lunch and brunch place brought to us by the same people behind lovely: a bake shop in noble square.  we loved the chilaquiles.  we loved the breakfast sandwich.  we loved the bacon and waffles.  we loved the pumpkin muffin.  i think you know where we are headed.  we loved this place!  open space, nice and bright, friendly service, plenty of room to park your stroller (if you have one) and great food.  what more do you want!?

3120 North Lincoln, Chicago
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Love to hear what you think!


  1. wtf is pic 21 that looks like a double decker whoopie pie?

  2. It baffles me that I have not been here yet. Is it new?

  3. I think I'm not alone in wanting photos of the Cousin's themselves eating their delicious subjects.

    1. both cousins believe this suggestion, while understandable as we are two handsome gents, would be detrimental to our desire to increase our following. in three words, it ain't pretty!